Welcome to the Blog!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved Pink Serenity Boutique website.

I am pleased to bring a smoother buying experience to you all and also hope that these changes can help me run my business more efficiently. I have created this blog to ensure long-form communication without overwhelming anyone on a place like Instagram, where things should be short and sweet for the sake of ~engagement~.

Some of the things I will use this blog for will be:

  • why I keep on updating how I operate and what I hope for this time around (this will be the next post!)
  • shop updates (in terms of closures, peak times, unexpected events)
  • updates on custom orders to give customers a heightened sense of security and trust while they wait on their products
  • news about upcoming sales & promotions
  • general creative posts (what am I making for myself?)
  • lookbooks
  • packaging orders
  • new supplies

I really hope that this blog adds to Pink Serenity Boutique in a very productive way and can be a good source of information for prospective and current customers, especially since I have gone back to the made-to-order format.

Thank you for all of the support towards Pink Serenity Boutique!1