Hello, everyone!


My name is Julissa, and I am the owner of Pink Serenity Boutique. I am Afro-Dominican and 21 years old, and I was raised in Pennsylvania. I currently live and am based out of New York City. I am a student, and I also work full-time. My other creative outlet, which you may also know me from, is my music. I perform under the stage name Luji Ra.

I created this shop loosely through high school and college to make a little extra money, but it did not become a formal entity until early 2020, when Pink Serenity Boutique as we know it currently was born. My goals with this business are to earn enough money to pay off a hefty college debt and finish my bachelor's and to create a financial cushion for a more comfortable life.

Because I run this business alone, things change according to how my own personal life changes. These changes may be subtle, or they may be major. This has especially been evident since 2020. A lot both outwardly and inwardly had happened, and both took a toll on me. Hopefully, since I have a better and healthier grasp on life, this change and all future changes to Pink Serenity Boutique can be useful towards improving your experience as a buyer and my experience as the maker.

This is a slow-run, mostly made-to-order business that values creativity and quality over trendiness and speed. This business is a reflection of some of the art that I create, and I hope that can be seen as well as respected. I make it clearer in the Policies page, but I hope that this is an aspect that is not overlooked because I take so much time out and put so much effort into the pieces I create.

I appreciate you for taking enough time to read this far, and hope you've enjoyed your experience browsing (and buying from) Pink Serenity Boutique!

Warm regards,
Julissa <3