Care Instructions

Here are some care instructions in order to ensure that your garments last a long time :D

These instructions are taken from the sleeves of the brands of yarn used to make Pink Serenity Boutique products.

Pieces made with acrylic yarn:
Hand wash or machine wash on a warm, gentle cycle. Option to tumble dry on low or air dry. Do not iron or bleach. If needed, dryclean professionally.

Pieces made with velvet yarn:
Hand wash or machine wash on a warm, gentle cycle (delicate setting). Option to tumble dry (delicate setting) on low or air dry. Do not iron, bleach, or dryclean.

All clothes age with more wear. Please note that your item(s) may get a bit softer or droopier as time goes on, even while caring for it (them) appropriately. This is completely normal and expected of knitwear! Due to different brands of yarn being used to make the items for this shop, different brands and types of yarn (even down to how they were dyed) may age differently or at a different rate as well.

May your clothes be well taken care of! I hope this guide helps! :D

Thank you so much for all of the continued support.